RTB Referral Program

The Wait is Over  Introducing the "Right To Bear Friends, Family and Freedom+" – inspired by the successful referral program popularized by Dropbox. This program is designed to encourage our community members to share the love and benefits of Right To Bear with their friends and family, while reaping exciting rewards along theway.Asa member of Right To Bear, you already know how valuable and cost effective our program is. Now we're giving you a way to benefit when you share our membership with others who will benefit from it.


How it works

1. Refer a Friend, Earn Free Membership: As a member of Right To Bear, when you refer another individual to join our community, you'll receive a generous 1-month free membership as a token of our appreciation when they become a member.

2. Early Bird Bonus: Here's where it gets even more exciting! If you refer two friends within the first 15 days of becoming a Right To Bear member (or the start of this program), you'll receive an extended 3 months of free membership, when they become members.

3. Discounts for New Members: When your referred friend signs up for Right To Bear, they receive an exclusive 10% discount on their membership, making it even more enticing for them to join our community. When they sign up for the Annual Plan, they will also receive 2 FREE MONTHS

4. Elevate Your Rewards: Just like Dropbox, when a member you refer goes on to refer more people to join Right To Bear, they'll be rewarded with extra months of free membership, celebrating their role in community growth.

Key Benefits of the Right To Bear Referral Program:

- Earn Free Membership: Grow your membership without spending a dime.

- Early Bird Advantage: Encourage early referrals to enjoy extended rewards.

- Discounts for New Members: Your friends enjoy a discount while joining our vibrant community.

- Unlimited Potential: Help us expand, and you could enjoy unlimited free months on your Right To Bear membership.

Right To Bear Legal Defense reserves the right to discontinue this program at any time. If the plan is discontinued, you will still keep the free months of membership you have earned. By using Friends, Family and Freedom+ referrals, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the program.