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Associate Coverage

$15 / Month


$165 / Year

  • Unlimited Civil & Criminal Defense

  • Psychological Support

  • Expert Witness Coverage

  • Firearm & Self-Defense Training & Education

  • Quarterly Firearms Newsletter

  • Discounts to Industry Partners

Additional Coverage Options

  • Additional Associate Coverage



  • Multi-State Coverage



  • Bail Bond Coverage (Up to $100,000)



  • Minor Household Children



**One-time $15.00 Registration Fee**

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COVERAGES offered by Right To Bear:

Civil Defense coverage allows you to choose your own attorney in the event you are sued after a self-defense incident.

Criminal Defense coverage provides legal support in the event you are criminally charged after a self-defense incident. (You choose your own attorney)

Multi state coverage offers you protection in 50 states. Residents of New York, New Jersey, and Washington do not qualify for our membership.

Expert Witness coverage will provide an “expert witness” to testify on your behalf.

Psychological support provides coverage for counseling sessions due to stress/trauma experienced from a self-defense incident.

Bail Bond Reimbursement provides money for bail up to $100,000.

Additional Associate Coverage extends coverage to a spouse or household partner.

Gun replacement – We will replace your gun if taken after a self-defense incident.

Minor Household Children - extends coverage to dependents 17 years of age or younger if they are involved in a self-defense incident.