Offering the most value-centered, customized self-defense association in the country – BEST in protection, BEST in resources, BEST in price!

Right To Bear is an American self-defense association that is dedicated to the preservation of individual liberty, for all freedom-loving people, in the United States, who desire to defend their family with the legal protection necessary, in an era of elites trying to control their lives. As a member of Right To Bear, protecting your family means you never have to defend them alone.

  • Who?

    Right To Bear was formed to defend our liberty with the goal of protecting the responsible gun owner.

  • What?

    First class self-defense protection, training, education, discounts to industry partners, newsletters, and more.

  • Why?

    With violent crime on the rise and police response time slowing; YOU may be your only defense.

Right To Bear Is Self Defense Protection For The Responsible Gun Owner

It provides the BEST value for coverage and affordability in its class.

Along with your membership, you will receive our “Bear Facts” weekly educational feature which will always give the “Bear Facts” of situational awareness, trauma avoidance, and simply what and what not to do if you have faced a self-defense situation with your firearm.

We believe in protecting freedom, protecting family, and protecting YOU. Let us secure your piece of mind so you can stand your ground with Right To Bear!

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