Right To Bear Insurance Review: The Best Self-Defense Protection in 2024?

Right To Bear Insurance Review: The Best Self-Defense Protection in 2024?

By Travis Fultz

Discover the ultimate Right To Bear insurance review for gun owners seeking reliable self-defense coverage and peace of mind. Learn more now!

When you’re serious about your safety and the legalities of self-defense, choosing the right coverage these days is as crucial as training with your firearm. Our Right to Bear insurance review will give you a no-nonsense look at what this provider offers for gun owners like yourself. 

Expect to learn how their coverage plans stand up in court—both criminal and civil—and why their direct payment system could be a game-changer for managing attorney fees.

We’ll also compare Right To Bear’s offerings with other big names in concealed carry insurance and because nobody likes surprises when it comes to costs, we’ll break down pricing structures and additional options that might just fit your budget. 

Get ready; this insight could very well be the protection upgrade you’ve been looking for.

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What is Right To Bear CCW Insurance?


If you’re a gun owner, knowing that your back is covered legally can give you serious peace of mind. 

Right To Bear CCW Insurance stands out in the crowded market of self-defense liability coverage with its comprehensive and value-packed approach.

RTB offers more than just concealed carry “insurance”; it’s about full-scale legal self-defense protection for those who lawfully defend themselves. RTB is more accurately described as self-defense protection for the responsible gun owner rather than CCW insurance.

Coverage for All Legal Weapons

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The policy stretches beyond firearms, covering all legal weapons. That means whether you’re using a knife or another form of self-defense tool, they’ve got you covered. It doesn’t pigeonhole into one type of weapon – and that inclusivity speaks volumes.

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If trouble comes knocking and lands you in court facing criminal defense or civil defense charges, this CCW insurance covers attorney fees without hesitation – so long as they stem from legitimate self-defense situations. 

And should things not go your way in a civil or criminal case? They won’t leave you hanging either.

Attorney Costs Covered in Court

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In scenarios where civil liability becomes an issue and the court finds against the policyholder, many insurers might bail on covering costs but not Right To Bear coverage. Even if found guilty after providing criminal defense coverage, they don’t backtrack on footing bills related to legal fees incurred during trial proceedings.

This level-headed approach extends around the clock through their 24/7 attorney-answered hotline—a lifeline when faced with unexpected situations requiring immediate legal advice. Unlimited coverage limits also mean no counting pennies when defending yourself; financial help is there when needed most.

Key Features of Right to Bear’s Coverage Plans

If you’re a gun owner, choosing the right CCW insurance is crucial for peace of mind. Right to Bear steps up with features that make it a standout choice for self-defense insurance.

right to bear insurance review
Keep reading to get a discount on the price above!

Direct Payment of Legal Fees

When trouble comes knocking, financial worries about legal fees shouldn’t be on your list. Right To Bear gets this and simplifies things by covering attorney fees directly in both criminal and civil court cases. Unlike some other defense coverage options where you might have to pay out-of-pocket first, they handle these costs upfront so you can focus on your case rather than how you’ll foot the bill.

Their approach ensures that policyholders aren’t left scrambling during what’s already a stressful time. Plus, there’s no need to fret over limits; they offer unlimited legal coverage which means whether it’s bail bond funds or expert witness fees needed in your corner—Right To Bear has got them covered if they are in your plan.

right to bear insurance review


  • No reimbursement hassle: They provide cost details straight away—no waiting around wondering what will come out of your budget later down the line.
  • Coverage is not just limited within state lines but extends to any state if you add it on, ensuring wherever life takes you across America, you’re protected under their policy.

24/7 Attorney-Answered Hotline

A self-defense situation doesn’t stick to business hours and neither does Right to Bear’s support system. Their 24/7 attorney-answered hotline stands ready round-the-clock because they know that immediate access to legal advice could make all the difference after a self-defense incident.

Red and Black Tool

This service provides real-time help from qualified attorneys who specialize in firearms law—an invaluable resource if ever faced with defending yourself.

In today’s uncertain and chaotic world, nothing brings peace of mind quite like being properly covered in the legal sense. Honestly, it’s best to avoid any confrontation and turn the other cheek like Christ taught us if at all possible, but certain situations call for swift and just action. When that happens, Right To Bear has got your back.

You can learn more about what the Bible says about defending yourself in this article.

Key Takeaway: 

Right to Bear insurance gives gun owners a leg up with direct legal fee payments and 24/7 expert advice, ensuring you’re fully covered without the hassle or limits.

Comparing Concealed Carry Insurance Providers

Choosing the right concealed carry insurance coverage is a crucial decision for gun owners. It’s about finding balance: robust legal protection without shooting major holes in your budget. 

Right To Bear offers a nearly complete package that caters to responsibly armed citizens, but how does it stack up against other big names like CCW Safe and US Law Shield you might ask?

Though I’ll be writing a comparison article to cover this in more detail, let’s touch on this.

right to bear insurance review

Evaluating Feedback

User feedback often sheds light on the reality of a concealed carry insurance provider’s service quality. Customers who have experienced the reassurance of having their attorney fees covered by Right To Bear during civil defense cases express significant satisfaction with this aspect. 

Firearms Legal Protection also garners praise, particularly for its educational resources which prepare policyholders for self-defense situations. Right To Bear also has extensive educational content, and a periodic newsletter, and you get a full curriculum of courses and video training but it provides more coverage all at a cheaper rate.

Additionally, the availability of expert witness testimony can tip the scales in court; both Right To Bear and competitors like CCW Safe include this vital support as part of their coverage options. 

With these companies’ commitment to aiding policyholders through complex legal challenges after a self-defense incident, customers commonly highlight peace of mind as a key benefit they receive from their chosen carrier.

Coverage Features Comparison

Each company has distinct features setting them apart. 

For instance, multi-state coverage and bail bond coverage are available across most providers; however, not all offer them within base plans or at transparent pricing points. That’s something you’d want to verify and with Right To Bear, it’s clearly spelled out for you as an add-on at an affordable rate.

Right To Bear also distinguishes itself with direct payment towards criminal defense costs rather than reimbursement methods employed by some other insurers. That could streamline your whole experience a lot more if you ever needed such support.

Key Takeaway: 

Choosing concealed carry insurance is key—balance strong legal protection with your budget. Right to Bear stands out for direct attorney fee payments and customer satisfaction also with add-ons like bail bonds or multi-state coverage across providers.

User reviews highlight the peace of mind from expert witness support and educational resources. Make sure you dig into ‘unlimited’ coverage details and consider extra perks that cover court costs or lost wages in self-defense trials.

Understanding Pricing and Coverage with Right To Bear CCW Insurance

When considering concealed carry insurance, the monthly cost can be a pivotal factor. Right To Bear simplifies this decision with their single level of coverage priced at $165 per year or an affordable $15 per month. With prices accurate at the time of writing, they make it easy for gun owners to budget for legal protection without any hidden fees.

This straightforward pricing provides peace of mind that should you ever find yourself in a self-defense situation, financial strain won’t add to your worries. Their model is designed around transparency so policyholders know exactly what their budget allows when planning for potential legal expenses.

The value offered by Right to Bear becomes even more evident as we explore the comprehensive nature of the coverage they offer. Not only does this rate include defense liability insurance against civil cases but also criminal court costs—a significant consideration given the unpredictability and high stakes involved in criminal defense scenarios.

Included within this single price point are features like paying attorney fees upfront rather than reimbursing you after trial ensuring immediate access to quality legal representation which is crucial during those initial moments following a self-defense incident where every second counts towards building a solid defense strategy.

All things considered, understanding CCW insurance policies is key before making an informed decision about which provider will best serve your needs both practically and financially. Right To Bear makes this very simple by being upfront and transparent.

Being prepared isn’t just about having the right gear; it’s also ensuring you’ve got robust backup legal plans in place if you are ever involved in an armed self-defense scenario.

Key Takeaway: 

Right to Bear makes choosing CCW insurance easy with a clear, single-price plan. For $165 yearly or $15 monthly, you get transparent and comprehensive coverage that includes civil and criminal defense costs without hidden fees—ensuring your legal protection is affordable (especially with our code “STRENGTH10“).

Their all-in-one package offers upfront attorney fees and additional support for bail bonds, expert witnesses, and additional coverage options. This peace of mind lets gun owners focus on self-defense readiness without as much financial worry.

The Benefits of Additional Coverage Options

When you carry concealed, you’re prepared for the unexpected. But what about the legal aftermath? 

That’s where Right to Bear steps in with a policy that does more than just scratch the surface. Let’s talk bail bond coverage and multi-state protection.

Bail Bond Coverage: A Safety Net When You Need It Most

A Bunk Bed With Striped Linen Behind Bars

If trouble finds you, odds are you’re going to be taken in so getting home to your family is priority number one. Bail bond coverage can be that bridge back home. For an extra fee, this add-on ensures that if you’re ever faced with handcuffs, financial help is there to help you with getting released. 

No need to dip into the savings or sit behind bars; it’s about keeping your life on track when things go sideways.

Multi-State Protection: Because Trouble Doesn’t Have Boundaries

A gun owner knows their responsibility doesn’t end at state lines—and neither should their insurance coverage. Whether you’re traveling for business or heading out on a road trip adventure, multi-state coverage offers peace of mind across borders so legal issues don’t keep you from moving forward after defending yourself in unfamiliar territory.

Gray Concrete Road

This feature aligns with those who understand that danger isn’t confined by geography and value freedom as much as security.

In both cases, we’re not talking about abstract benefits but real-world shields against very possible scenarios every responsible carrier must consider. Discover how these additional options enhance standard policies here.

Additionally, you can add another associate, like your wife or significant other, to receive coverage in the same plan. Your policy has got your kids covered too if you add on minor protection coverage which, if the unthinkable were to ever happen, you know you have coverage.

Educational Resources Provided by Right To Bear

Staying informed is key to navigating self-defense situations with confidence. Right to Bear takes this seriously, offering educational features and a full video library that arms policyholders with knowledge beyond the basic terms of their coverage. Understanding when and how your self-defense insurance applies could make all the difference if you ever need it.

right to bear insurance review
Members get access to a full library of educational videos and content.

Insights on Self-Defense Scenarios

The world of self-defense liability isn’t just about having a safety net—it’s also about knowing the ropes. That’s why Right to Bear provides educational resources, including detailed breakdowns of real-life incidents, helping gun owners grasp the complex legalities tied to self-defense situations. This initiative empowers members not only through protection but also through prevention and preparedness.

Balancing theory with practice, these insights help clarify what constitutes lawful use of force in varying contexts—a vital component for anyone invested in upholding personal safety without overstepping legal boundaries.


If you find yourself defending an action in civil court or facing charges after a defensive incident, understanding your rights can be as crucial as the representation itself. With the self-defense liability education provided by Right To Bear, policyholders get upfront guidance on managing potential aftermath scenarios—from initial law enforcement interaction to courtroom proceedings—ensuring they’re well-prepared every step of the way.

This ongoing education keeps subscribers at pace with evolving laws and policies affecting firearms ownership and usage across states—an invaluable asset for those who carry daily or occasionally alike.

Leveraging Expert Knowledge for Personal Advantage

To round out its suite of services, Right To Bear goes beyond merely explaining ‘what’ is covered under their policies—they delve into ‘why’. Bringing expertise from experienced attorneys specializing in firearm laws right onto their platform offers users direct insight into crafting robust personal defense strategies while remaining within legal confines.

The benefit here lies not just in risk mitigation post-incident but in fostering an environment where proactive learning leads to safer handling and more responsible decision-making before any situation escalates—a true mark of commitment towards nurturing informed communities ready for whatever comes their way.

Not only that, they have a 24/7 hotline for legal advice and to speak to an attorney at any time of day or night. The value there speaks for itself.

Key Takeaway: 

Right To Bear doesn’t just insure you; they educate you. With education on self-defense laws and insights from legal experts, gun owners get prepped not only for after an incident but how to handle situations better before they happen.

Their coverage goes the extra mile with a focus on prevention and readiness, giving members clear-cut knowledge about lawful force and legal rights that could be lifesavers in crunch time.

The Importance of Choosing Your Own Attorney with Right To Bear

When you’re facing a legal battle, the choice of your attorney can make or break your case. That’s why Right To Bear now allows the freedom to pick your own lawyer for defense insurance cases. This isn’t just about comfort; it’s about strategy and trust in criminal defense and civil case scenarios.

Why Choice Matters in Legal Representation

Close-up Photo of a Lady Justice Statuette

Selecting an attorney is more than just finding legal expertise—it’s about partnering with someone who understands you and has experience that aligns with your situation. With Right To Bear, if you ever find yourself in self-defense situations requiring criminal court appearances or navigating through a complex civil court process, this option gives you control over who will advocate on your behalf.

This personalized approach extends beyond having confidence in courtroom representation. It means getting guidance tailored specifically for gun owners—someone who knows firearms law inside out—and appreciates the gravity of a self-defense incident involving concealed carry dynamics.

Funding Your Fight Without Financial Fear

Financial worries should never deter you from robust legal protection. Recognizing this concern, Right To Bear offers direct payment of legal fees related to both criminal defense coverage and civil defense liability insurance claims—taking care of costs upfront so policyholders aren’t burdened by hefty expenses during what can already be stressful times.

Beyond mere reimbursement models employed by some insurance providers, these proactive payments ensure swift action without cash flow concerns impeding critical steps needed for effective representation—a substantial benefit considering how quickly bills like bail bond coverage or expert witness fees can pile up after one pulls their firearm in self-defense situations.

Screenshot 2024 02 01 065244

Whether it’s defending ourselves against false accusations or dealing with the consequences of using force in self-defense as responsible gun owners, we need to be financially protected every step of the way. This includes coverage from the moment of arrest all the way through trial proceedings. 

By investing in such coverage, we establish a solid foundation upon which we can confidently stand firm, no matter how stacked the odds may seem. 

Key Takeaway: 

Right To Bear gives you the power to choose your own lawyer, ensuring trust and a tailored defense in court. They also cover legal fees upfront, so financial stress won’t hold you back from strong protection.

Getting the Most Out of Your Concealed Carry Insurance Policy with Discounts and Promotions

Saving money on your concealed carry insurance can be as simple as using a discount code. For those looking to join Right to Bear, we’ve got something special: a 10% off coupon to use when you sign up! Use code STRENGTH10 on your application at sign up and you’ll watch the price drop.

Beyond just insurance savings, we understand that being prepared involves more than just legal coverage—it’s also about having the right gear. That’s why we’re thrilled to share an exclusive offers on all types of gear from numerous brands and retailers which you can see in the footer of this page or on our deals page.

Right To Bear doesn’t stop there; they’ve built their policy around what gun owners actually need in self-defense situations—coverage is comprehensive and straightforward. You won’t get tangled in red tape if ever needing bail bond coverage or multi-state protection; these options are available without breaking your ammo budget.

The real standout feature here is peace of mind knowing attorney fees are covered even in civil court cases—no hidden costs creeping up later down the line after an already stressful defense scenario unfolds before you. And because these situations don’t wait for regular business hours, access to expert legal advice via their 24/7 hotline means help is there whenever it strikes—an invaluable resource for any responsible gun owner preparing ahead.

If reading through this has sparked questions about specifics or made you see how Right To Bear stands out from other providers like CCW Safe or Law Shield—don’t just take my word for it, learn all the details on the Right to Bear website. Whether considering criminal defense coverage options, getting informed ensures making choices rooted not only in cost-effectiveness but confidence too.

Key Takeaway: 

Slash your concealed carry insurance costs with our code STRENGTH10 for 10% off Right To Bear protection.

Enjoy comprehensive coverage without the hassle, including bail bonds and multi-state protection that won’t empty your wallet. Plus, get round-the-clock legal advice for total peace of mind.

Right To Bear Insurance FAQs

Lawful acts of self-defense are all covered under your policy regardless of the legal firearm used.

What is included with Right To Bear?

Unlimited Civil & Criminal Defense. (No Limits, No Reimbursement, 24/7 Coverage)
Psychological support Included.
Expert Witness coverage Included.
Firearm & Self-Defense Training & Education Included.
Quarterly Firearms Newsletter Included.

If I shoot someone defending myself what should be the first thing I do?

CALL 9-1-1. Then call the Right To Bear 24/7 attorney hot line if you’re a member.

Is Right To Bear insurance available in Washington state?

Residents of NJ, NY, and WA don’t qualify due to state laws.

Wrapping Up Our Right To Bear Insurance Review

Affordable, reliable and has your back if things go sideways.

Wrapping up our Right To Bear insurance review, here’s what stands out. Right to Bear provides robust legal protection for gun owners. It offers comprehensive coverage that includes all legal weapons and pays attorney fees directly.

You’ve seen how their 24/7 support could be your lifeline in a pinch. Their pricing is competitive, with options like bail bond coverage adding layers of security when you need it most.

Remember this: the value of self-defense liability can’t be overstated. By comparing plans, we found Right to Bear holds its own against industry giants—think CCW Safe and Law Shield—with features tailored for real-world situations.

Weighing these insights will help guide your choice. With informed decisions come peace of mind—and isn’t that exactly what we’re aiming for? Plus you can save even more with our discount code STRENGTH10!

* Disclaimer: We are not your lawyers or insurance agents and anything in this article is not legal advice. It is written for educational purposes only. Consult your lawyer for proper legal advice and review your policy for the most up-to-date information as plans can change. We are not responsible for any actions you may take after reviewing the material on this page.

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. This means if you click on an affiliate link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. The price of the item is the same whether it is an affiliate link or not. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we believe will add value to our readers. By using the affiliate links, you are helping support our website, and we genuinely appreciate your support.
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