Homeowner Shoots Armed Intruder

Homeowner Shoots Armed Intruder

In this blog post we are featuring the real life story of a Nashville, TN homeowner that shot an armed intruder as he climbed through the kitchen window after being repeatedly warned.Taken from Homeowner Shoots Armed Intruder As He Climbed Through Kitchen Window After Being Repeatedly Warned.

In a tense encounter early Saturday morning, a Nashville homeowner shot an armed intruder who was attempting to climb through his kitchen window. The incident occurred in the Trinity Hills area, where the suspect, identified as 32-year-old Anton Cosby, reportedly tried to break into a home on Shreeve Lane.

According to local authorities, the homeowner and his family were awakened around 6 a.m. by loud banging sounds on their front door and windows. In response, the homeowner armed himself and repeatedly warned Cosby to leave the premises. Ignoring the warnings, Cosby proceeded to smash the kitchen window and attempted to enter the house, prompting the homeowner to fire a single shot, striking Cosby in the arm.

Police reports indicate that after being shot, Cosby dropped his revolver near the kitchen sink and fled the scene. He was found shortly after by police officers in the vicinity of the home. Despite being injured, Cosby reportedly became combative when officers tried to provide medical assistance. He was subsequently transported to Skyline Medical Center with a non-critical gunshot wound.

The District Attorney’s office has reviewed the case and confirmed that the homeowner acted in self-defense, thus no charges are expected against him. Meanwhile, Cosby faces multiple charges, including aggravated burglary, felony vandalism, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, and possession of a firearm while intoxicated, pending his release from medical care.

This incident underscores the serious risks homeowners face and the split-second decisions they must make when confronted with potential threats to their safety and that of their families. It also highlights the importance of being prepared for the legal aftermath of self-defense actions. To ensure legal protection in such critical situations, consider securing self-defense insurance like that offered by Right to Bear. For more information on policies that can help cover legal fees and other expenses in the event of a self-defense incident, visit Right to Bear.

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